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Serving International Brands and Agencies Since 2001

EMKA Textiles was established in 2001 as the go to Fabric Accessories Sourcing Firm in Turkey.

Our Parent Company REM Etiket Label Group had been manufacturing woven and printed labels alongside tags for the garment industry, undergoing rapid expansion and establishing both domestic and international connections in both the garment sourcing and garment/garment accessories manufacturing sectors.

As the Turkish Lira slumped towards other currencies the demand for buying from Turkey in the garment industry excelled.

REM Etiket's founders were (and still are) the most informed and connected about the garment label industry in Turkey.

REM decided to help guide international clients who wanted to buy from Turkey in the market and consolidated EMKA Textiles in 2001.

Our network consists of more than 500 fabric factories from all around Turkey. Most of these factories are suppliers to worldwide brands with values in the billions.



As EMKA we provide our clients with everything they need in regards to apparel branding and fabric accessories

See our portfolio below



As EMKA, we are able to source all qualities of Woven Labels available for purchase, from Damask to Taffeta. From Ultrasonic Cut to Woven Edge.

The Turkish Woven Label market is growing with new investments everyday and with European and American buyers shifting from Asia to Turkey, EMKA is able to find new suppliers of every kind to cater to our clients specific needs.

Our Woven Portfolio Includes (but is not limited to);

Woven Labels

Woven Zipper Pulls

Woven Self-Adhesive Labels

Woven Label Rolls

Woven Badges

RECYCLED Woven Products



Printed Labels can be used in a large variety of circumstances; as care labels, sticker labels, heat transfer labels, and many more.

Due to the Turkish markets interest in printing, many printing industrialists have entered the garment accessories industry after the surge of demand for fabric accessories too.

As EMKA, we are connected to the largest capacity and best quality printers in Turkey, leading to a wide array of products for our clients to choose from.

Our Printed Portfolio Includes (but is not limited to);

Digital Printed Labels

Offset Printed Labels

Flexo Printed Labels

Printed Label Rolls

Printed Heat Transfer Labels

Printed Badges 

PVC Labels and Patches

Silk Screen Printed Labels

Printed Care Labels

RECYCLED Printed Products



As EMKA, we are able to offer a wide array of printed products, one of the most important printed garment accessories are Hang Tags.

Hang Tags are very important in brands displaying information such as logos and marketing materials. 

Our Hang Tag Portfolio Includes (but is not limited to);

Carton Printed Hang Tags

Leather Hang Tags

PVC Hang Tags




After 2006 Leather Labels become extremely widespread in the garment industry, they were used on the exterior of jeans, patches and in many other places.

Our leather network in Turkey is extremely strong, meaning we can supply pretty much any kind of leather label or garment accessory to our clients with ease.

Our Leather Portfolio Includes (but is not limited to);

Debossed Leather Labels

Embossed Leather Labels

Printed Leather Labels

Leather Hang Tags

Leather Patches

Real Leather Products

Faux Leather Products

RECYCLED Leather Products



From small jewelry containers to large carton shopping bags, we are able to supply our clients with whatever they need for their products packaging.

Our suppliers are some of the most experienced packaging manufacturers in Turkey (also the world), leading to a comprehensive flexibility in the designs of the packaging.

Our Packaging Portfolio Includes (but is not limited to);

Carton Boxes

Carton Bags

Customized Carton Packaging Products

RECYCLED Packaging Products



We are able to source seals made of different materials and sizes, printed with whatever content/design our clients desire.

Our Seal Portfolio Includes (but is not limited to);

Plastic Seals

Metal Seals



RFID stands for Radio-frequency identification and has been started to use by many sectors.

The garment industry utilized the RFID technology by placing it inside printed or woven labels and attaching it to clothing.

We are connected with one of the first RFID label manufacturer in Turkey to offer our clients the ease of this latest technology.



Due to our parent company (REM Etiket) having an industry experience of more than 70 years, we, as EMKA, were able to connect with very prominent and experienced fabric mills scattered all around Turkey to present our clients with any kind of quality fabrics for globally competitive prices.



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